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CSI: The Night Shift
CSI: News
Tuesday, 8 September 2009
Return of the Spork?
Mood:  cheeky
Topic: Show Information

Yes the rumours are true! Actress Louise Lombard will be reprising her role as Detective Sofia Curtis during Season 10 - the character had a mixed response from the CSI audience after her character in Season 5 threatened the relationship between Grissom and Sara in the lab. However after returning in Season 6 we discover that she has been moved to the forces, and is now a detective on the show, in Season 7, Lombard made her way to the credits, after a more successful and positive response to her role in the forces.

However, she only appeared in the first episode of Season 8, after helping the team find Sara in the desert in Season 8 Episode 1: Dead Doll, we never hear or see of Sofia again, it was a mysterious exit for the talented actress, and the first of many exits on the show to happen over the past 2 seasons. As following Sofia's unexplained exit, was the exit of Sara Sidle, later followed by Warrick Brown's death, which eventually led to the lead of the show, Grissom leaving mid-Season 9 - and as we now know, CSI Riley Adams won't be returning in Season 10.

With the vast amount of changes, several exits, and some controversial newcomers, not forgetting the incredibly mixed response when CSIs favourite entomologist Grissom is replaced by Matrix celebrity, Laurence Fishburne, taking on the role of Ray Langston, which has caused a lot of controversy and divison between the fans. It is a relief to have a few previous characters returning to the show, let's just hope this nostalgia stint continues, and we might get back what we miss from our favourite forensics drama!

Posted by csithenightshift at 8:23 AM CDT
The Fox is Back!
Mood:  happy
Topic: Show Information

The much-loved and much-missed character Sara Sidle, played by actress Jorja Fox, is gonna be returning to our screens for at least the first 5 episodes of the upcoming Season!

After leaving the show in Season 8, episode 7, Goodbye and Good Luck, Jorja wanted to take some time out of the show, to travel, explore and see what other opportunities were out there for her. Although she has made cameo appearances in a couple of episodes in Season 9, For Warrick, The Happy Place, and Grissom's final episode, One to Go - Jorja now feels she is ready to return for a longer stint.

Jorja's contract initially confirms that Sara will definitely appear in the first 5 episodes of the season, and while nothing has been confirmed, there has been speculation over the possibility of Sara Sidle returning to our screens on a more permanent basis.

Following the recent departure of Warrick's replacement, Riley Adams, the Night Shift team are short staffed, and looking for someone to step in, Sara says that she might be right for the job.

For all you Grissom/Sara fans out there - I'm sure you're all wondering where Grissom comes into this. While there is nothing confirmed to suggest that Grissom is also returning to the show, we do know that when Sara returns, she will be returning as Grissom's wife. The possibility is still there for Grissom to make the occasional cameo return to our screens, which will give us something to look forward to! There has also been talk, that one of the reasons Sara returns to the job, is because her and Grissom are having some financial difficulties, and she needs to be able to support this. The CSI team have discussed this idea, but there is no confirmation that this storyline will for certain be written into the new season.

However we do know that Sara returns with the intent to help Catherine as supervisor get the team stronger together, with all the recent changes to the team, there are a few issues that need to be addressed, and Sara helps Catherine figure these out, to become a better supervisor of her team. This will involve a promotion for Nick, who will become Cath's right-hand man, Ray will be promoted to CSI Level 2 - and Greg will make a fuss, which will also result in him being offered a new job.

Posted by csithenightshift at 8:22 AM CDT
Updated: Tuesday, 8 September 2009 8:33 AM CDT
Friday, 5 September 2008
Laurence Fishburne to replace William Petersen
Mood:  not sure
Topic: Actor Info/Sightings

Yes it's now official - that with Grissom leaving the show in episode 9x10 - his replacement is going to be a professor, who originally joins the Vegas team as an expert witness - and ends up joining the team as a CSI - having a very large role in solving the Warrick Brown/McKeen case. He comes in with a secret, and a lot of the later episodes in Season 9 and going on to Season 10 will focus on this secret as a storyline.

On deciding who to have as Petersen's replacement, "Without hesitation, we said Laurence Fishburne. He is a powerful and intense actor, with an incredible range." Said Naren Shankar and Carol Mendelsohn in a recent interview.  "CSI," which begins its new season October 9, is ready to deal with Petersen's loss."

Although the writers have not yet determined or revealed a name for Fishburne's character, as soon as more details about this character come to light, youll find them here! (Feels good to be back!)

Posted by csithenightshift at 5:30 PM CDT
Lauren Lee Smith as new CSI - Riley Adams
Mood:  not sure

With Sara and Warrick both gone, The powers that be are bringing in a new CSI to the team. CSI Riley Adams will be played by actress Lauren Lee Smith (Right) . Adams is a cheeky, bubbly and determined young girl, who decided to join law enforcement to rebel against her dad who is a psychiatrist. She arrives in the midst of the early episodes of Season 9 - 

"Obviously the show has had a few losses, but Riley has no idea what's going on," Lauren Lee Smith adds... "She doesn't really care much about what's just happened. She's like, 'Whatever, I'm here. Let's work."

Change to the atmosphere with someone with no dark history and ties to the show that go back years, might be exactly what the show needs to give it a boost.

  "I hope the character will bring a little bit of fresh energy and a lighter feel,"

Of course we know very little about Riley at this stage, and the writers want to keep her mysterious, but it's going to be difficult for her to bond with the character on the show who are already so close, and have been through so much together.

Naren Shanker adds "For the first time in our group, we have somebody who wasn't mentored by Grissom, so she has a very different relationship with him." And for those of you missing the early seasons of CSI - the writers are keen to bring back that feel, "She's a little smart--the way the others were with him in the first couple of seasons. There wasn't that deference and automatic acceptance of 'Oh, it's Grissom saying so, so it's gotta be real.'"

Smith also adds that the team have been very welcoming, and understanding of her coming into the show, "It's daunting because everyone knows each other so well," she said. "I mean, they've been doing this since 2000!"

We will look forward to seeing Lauren Lee Smith on our screens, as Riley Adams' first episode on the show is to be 9x03 - Art Imitates Life - October 23rd 2008

Posted by csithenightshift at 5:11 PM CDT
Updated: Friday, 5 September 2008 5:30 PM CDT
Sunday, 11 December 2005
Happy Birthday Gary!
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Actor Info/Sightings
Hard to believe the Warrick Brown actor turns 39 today!

Posted by csithenightshift at 2:00 AM CST
Wednesday, 16 November 2005
Happy Birthday Marg!!
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Actor Info/Sightings
Happy Birthday to CSI star, Marg Helgenberger! The Catherine Willows actress turned 47 today.

Posted by csithenightshift at 2:43 PM CST
Updated: Wednesday, 16 November 2005 2:46 PM CST
Friday, 26 August 2005
The Return of the Spork?
Mood:  not sure
Topic: Show Information
Details have been released of the first few episodes of Season 6 (we apologise for the delay in getting those to you, they'll come shortly). It has recently been revealed that in the season premiere of Season 6, all CSIs from both swing and nightshift are investigating an explosion inside a trailer, and this does include Sofia Curtis - you yourselves can decide whether this is good or bad news! That's all we can reveal at this time, within the next I promise to provide some episode information of Season 6!


Posted by csithenightshift at 12:17 PM CDT
Updated: Friday, 26 August 2005 12:29 PM CDT
Wednesday, 27 July 2005
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Actor Info/Sightings
We'd like to extend our very belated, but very happy birthday wishes to Eric Szmanda! The Greg Sanders actor turned a big 3-0 on July 24.

Posted by csithenightshift at 4:16 PM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, 27 July 2005 4:22 PM CDT
Thursday, 14 July 2005
Almost As If CSI Never Existed...
Mood:  down
Topic: Show Information

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series - "Grave Danger" (Quentin Tarantino)
(Competition: Deadwood, Grey's Anatomy, Huff, Lost, The West Wing)

Outstanding Makeup (Non-Prosthetic) - "Ch-Ch-Changes"
(Competition: Carnivale, Deadwood, MadTV, Nip/Tuck)

Outstanding Sound Editing For a Series - "Down the Drain"
(Competition: CSI: Miami, Lost, Smallville, 24)

Outstanding Single-Camera Sound Mixing For A Series - "Down the Drain"
(Competition: Deadwood, Lost, 24, The West Wing)

And that's all folks! Guess the Academy aren't expecting people to watch the Awards. It's good to see though, that CSI didn't get overlooked in the Creative Arts section...although, it is unlikely to take home an award in any of the 3 CA categories it was nominated in, seeing as in each one it is up against at least one Outstanding Drama nominee! Well, good luck to Tarantino! Maybe they'll give it to him to keep him coming back to television. It's sad that the first major award CSI will win will be due to someone who'd never worked with the show before.

Posted by csithenightshift at 8:54 AM CDT
Updated: Thursday, 14 July 2005 9:12 AM CDT
Tuesday, 12 July 2005
Happy Birthday, Paul!
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Actor Info/Sightings
Happy Birthday to CSI's Paul Guilfoyle! The Capt. Brass portrayer turns the big 5-0 today.

Posted by csithenightshift at 12:59 AM CDT
Updated: Tuesday, 12 July 2005 1:05 AM CDT

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