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Welcome to the biggest, most diverse FANSITE devoted solely to the original CSI! Here you'll find anything related to America's #1 TV show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, including episode guide with our ratings, cast and character biographies, fun facts about the show, and more. And please feel free to drop your comments in our guestbook.
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It's been a long time and we needed to take some time out of the website because both webmistresses became so busy. And now that I have developed a huge passion for the show again I felt that it is time to revive what was once a fantastic joy to build and update!

This website from now on will have up-to-date spoilers, episode guides, screen caps, clips on request and promos. As well as fan-art on request which can be done through our forums, which will also be getting a make-over very soon!

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting this site during downtime and greatest apologies for the lack of updates in the last couple of years, I hope that this up-coming make-over can make up for lost time!

The CSI: The Night Shift Management

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