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Bodies in Motion Synopsis
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CSI - 6X01 “Bodies in Motion”

Original Airdate on CBS: September 22, 2005

Teleplay by: Naren Shankar

Story by: Naren Shankar and Carol Mendelsohn

Directed by: Richard J. Lewis

Synopsis by Shane Saunders for Modern Day Sherlock.


Special Guest Stars


Louise Lombard and Wallace Langham




Alex Carter, Roger Aaron Brown, Elise Neal, Christopher Gartin, Kara Zediker, Archie Kao, David Berman, Gerald McCullouch, Robert Clendenin, Tamara Davies, Jamie McShane, Wayne Wilderson, Kevin Quigley, Deborah Offner.


Synopsis: Grissom and his team are called to the scene of an explosion in a trailer park. Brass is already there, and has information for Grissom. There are two bodies that were killed in the explosion, one named Selena March, the owner of the trailer. Officer Metcalfe bets that the trailer was used for a meth lab, but Sara informs him that not everybody that live in a trailer park is a drug cook. The Officer replies with “you guys are a real pain in the ass,” but Grissom simply tells him to get used to it.


Brass is talking to some neighbors of the trailer park. One being a Randy Swansinger, a man who knows little about what happened. Randy was watching TV during the course of the explosion, and waited 5 minutes to step outside and watch the trailer turn to dust. A nosy lady, standing next to Brass and Randy claims that Randy was most likely drinking. Another lady asks if Brass knows of another body in the trailer… more specifically a male. Brass thinks Selena was a hooker, but the woman doesn’t know for sure. The lady does know for sure that the car parked in front of Selena’s trailer does not belong to her. Catherine, Sara and Warrick continue their investigating. During the course of looking for evidence, Catherine receives a call from Grissom, informing her that there is a 419 of Industrial Road. Catherine thinks that Grissom is playing a perverse game, but Grissom does not think he is a pervert… ending the conversation with Catherine acknowledging Grissom and informing him that she is taking Warrick with her.


Over at the new crime scene, Catherine and Warrick arrive at the scene, who is being guarded with Officer D.A. Michaels (the one who did not keep an eye on Nick in the episode “Grave Danger,”) and Detective Vartann. Michaels would like the CSIs to know that he has been trying to get hold of Nick, but can’t get through to him due to a busy schedule. Vartann leads Catherine and Warrick over to the dead girl, who is wearing the clothes that would appear to be “stripper-like.” Catherine spots a ring on Warrick’s finger, and discovers that Warrick has gotten married… the previous day. His wife is Mrs. Tina Brown, a lady he has been dating for a few months. David Phillips arrives and heads over to the body. The body has been dead under four hours, lividity is consistent with the position of the body, meaning that the young lady was not dumped. Vartann leaves the scene to go check out nearby strip clubs, and Warrick tags along.


The following morning, Nick, Sara and Grissom go through the debris at the trailer park scene. While referring to Officer Metcalfe’s theory of Selena March being a meth cook, Nick finds some items that support meth cooling (hot plates, burners, etc.).  Hours later back at the lab, Greg and Grissom inform each other of their new findings. Greg knows that Brass ran the plates on the Acura which was found at the scene. It’s registered to Robert Durgee, one of the victims. Greg confirmed the ID and found out that the wife’s name is on the insurance card. Grissom would like her to come in, but when Greg tried to reach her, he couldn’t, so Greg left it to Brass to find her. Across the hall, receptionist Judy Tremont flags down Grissom and hands him a plastic bag. An officer brought it in, from a call that was placed from the Flora Nevada Nursery. Inside the bag is a burned cassette tape, a new piece of evidence that belongs to the Walter Gordon case.


In the morgue, Dr. Robbins reports his findings to Nick and Grissom. Selena March’s cause of death is smoke inhalation. The cause of death proves that natural gas didn’t suffocate her, and the explosion probably knocked her out before the fire started. Robert Durgee’s cause of death was different, his death is related to a fatal crushing injuries to his abdomen. The CSIs do a ultraviolet x-ray enhancement of the abdomen, and find a set of tire tracks. They now know that the explosion didn’t kill him. In the lab, Nick runs the tire tracks through a database, and compared the tracks to Amber Durgee, Mr. Durgee’s wife. Brass questions Amber Durgee, who states that her husband supposedly was going to be working late, so she left the house for midnight bingo - with a friend. She doesn’t know that Robert was having an affair, and tells Brass that the truck that is the same make and model as the one that ran over her husband’s body is in New Mexico, with her brother. Brass does a recreation of the events that happened during the night of the murder, placing Amber Durgee behind the wheel that killed Mr. Durgee, and when the truck crashes into the mobile home, killing Robert, the trailer explodes. Amber doesn’t agree with it, and tells Brass that it is the craziest thing she has ever heard.


Brass and Grissom stand  in the hallway, and spot Sofia Curtis, who is now a detective. She transferred out of the lab, and was sent to Boulder City, but when she found out a position opened up at Vegas PD, she returned. Grissom asks her if she’ll miss the lab, but replies that there are some things she’ll miss. In the morgue, Catherine processes her victim who was found in a parking area. She finds something in a head wound and collects it. Catherine also finds a label on the boots that she was wearing, labeled “ S & S - EV


Back at the lab, Catherine does a search on a computer. Warrick shortly arrives after and begins to talk to Catherine about his recent marriage. When Catherine heard about the news, she went in a total loop, and congratulates Warrick saying that Tina, his wife is a very special person. Getting back on topic, Catherine shares her findings with Warrick. The victim’s blood-alcohol level was .16 and cause of death seems to be blunt-force trauma. Also, the boots came back with a match to Streets and Sanitation, the pair belonging to Eddie Vonner, one of three possible matches. Detective Vartann and Catherine go to the Streets and Sanitation, where they talk with Eddie Vonner. Vonner was on duty the night previous and went against the company policies by picking up something other than trash. The reasons Eddie picked up the victim was because she was running down the street, barefoot, and was stepping on glass and other sharp objects. Eddie picked up the victim on the corner of Jefferson and K.  Vonner also dropped off the victim only several blocks away from the crime scene. Continuing from the trailer park case, Nick and Sara go through what remains of the trailer. Nick finds tire marks on a piece of the exterior wall. Sara also finds something: blue paint on the gas main. Double checking, Sara asks confirms with Nick that Amber Durgee, one of the victim’s wife, drives a blue Ford Ranger. Putting their evidence/theories together, they concur that possibly Amber Durgee followed her husband to the trailer park and when she confirms what is really going on with her husband, she hits him with her car, then driving through the trailer and causing the explosion. Sara leaves to go have lunch with some of the other units, but Nick decides to stay. While investigating, a cockroach crawls onto his arms. Trying to remain calm, Nick stares at it and finally decides to flick it off.


At a place called Bonanza, Warrick and Vartann check out the locations that their victim visited. They confirm that the victim got the bag that she was wearing from the garbage man, and since the victim didn’t have a cell phone or money, she had to of used a pay phone and dial 911 (Warrick decides to fingerprint the pay phone).

Across town, Grissom pays Hodges a visit in the Trace lab. Hodges ran a test on the blue paint on the gas main, but does not match it to a Ford Ranger. Instead, it’s matched to a GMC car. From the information they gained by Hodges, Nick and Grissom go back, yet again, to the trailer. Remains from a car headlight is found and more blue paint is found on a chain-linked fence. Homicide downgrades to accidental hit-and-run when Grissom and Nick find even more evidence. A car could have been driving by the trailer park, skidded and drove thru the trailer. There is only one thing we can say -- a flying car. A new and separate case is being handled by Sara, Grissom and Sofia and that being the case of a Pontiac car with two decomposing bodies in the car. The only connection to the trailer park case is that the car was found by patrol officers when a broadcast went out on the blue Pontiac. The car has several tickets on the windshield and from the way the skeletons look, the victims are male and female. The CSIs turn the car into a “car condom” and tow it back to the CSI Garage. At the CSI A/V Lab, Archie Johnson is startled by Warrick as he listens to the Walter Gordon audio tape. Warrick has come to visit Archie on the 911 audio tape that took place in the garbage girl case. The call was placed 5 minutes before Eddie Vonner picked her up. The victim could not complete her phone call as another woman had walked by, stand in the phone booth, and hung up the phone. The video reveals that a Strip-bar on wheels picked up the victim. Warrick sends Vartann to check it out.  At the location of Exclusive Sedan Service, Vartann, Catherine and Warrick go their separate ways to gather new evidence. Warrick finds a wallet and confirms the victim’s identity as Brooke Harris. At Gisells Gym, Vartann and Catherine pursue a lead with Giselle. Giselle teaches strippers how to become pro, by teaching them how to get a good body. Brooke loved the attention that she got from becoming a stripper and realized that it was a mere fantasy.


Grissom goes back to the trailer case with Brass and Nick to talk with Randy Swansinger.  Randy admits that when get became drunk, his car ran thru the trailer killing the occupants. Randy runs away, but no one chases after him. Greg works with Sara on the “car condom” at the CSI Garage, and when Greg attempts to unplug a trunk valve to try to get the soupy remains out, the guck back-lashes towards him. Grissom would be proud. Greg pulls out a bullet copper-jacket. It rules out the .22. Catherine visits Hodges with some not-so-helpful news. The rust colored material on her victim’s head -- is rust. Warrick tries to talk to Catherine about his marriage. When Nick was buried alive it made him realize that life is too short, so he decided to marry Tina, who dated Warrick for a few months. Bobby Dawson in Ballistics reports to Greg about his findings and tell him that the bullet that he recovered matches a open-case from Mesquite. Robbins keeps the momentum going in the case and reports the post to Greg and Sara. One of the skeletons is identified as a male, probably 25 years old Caucasian. The other body is a female and most likely Negroid, and in her late teens. Gun shots wounds are cause of death. Greg identifies the female as a Clara James, 16. Sofia speaks with Clara’s father, Mr. James. He brought a toothbrush and a hairbrush to try to help them with their investigation. Mr. James says that his daughter wasn’t very smart when it came to people and she wasn’t dating anyone, to his knowledge. Clara worked  Gooeybunz, which is located by El Dorado. When Sofia tells him that they found some Gooeybunz in the car, Mr. James explains that Clara wasn’t smart about her diet also, and that she hated eating Gooeybunz. With the new information, Sara and Greg look for bite marks on the Gooeybunz, but notice that they were not bitten into -- they were torn. And when they look further, they find that there are plastic bags of drugs in the center of the Gooeybunz.


Warrick and Catherine finish their case, when they find a homeless man in a nearby area. He admits to killing Brooke after she stole something of his. Case closed. Greg confirms that the plastic bags to indeed contain narcotics and when Sara ran some of the fingerprints she found, she got a match to a Joey Zack. After the CSIs interview various people, they do not officially know  killed Clara James and her boyfriend. In the AV lab Grissom and Archie listen to the Walter Gordon tape, where they hear another voice on the tape. Grissom wants Archie to keep this information between them.


-Shane Saunders  11/28/05

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