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CSI Opening Credits .WAV File
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Grissom's 'not a pervert' in "Bodies in Motion"
Description: Catherine finds Grissom's "perverse game"...perverse.
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Grissom wants a girlfriend in "Big Middle."
Description: Grissom interrogates a large woman about her lingerie.
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Nicky's Spanish in "Snakes" 
Description: Nick gives his spanish a go in season 5's "Snakes." (NOTE: Det. Vega is also speaking spanish in this one.)
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Sara's "Viva Las Vegas" Speech
Description: Sara practices her speech to Grissom in front of a mirror.
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Grissom's "Butterflied" Speech
Description: Grissom lectures a doctor accused of killing a nurse about the similarities between himself and the doctor...coincidentally enough, Grissom seems to be describing his relationship with Sara...
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Catherine's "Inside the Box" Speech
Description: Catherine informs Sam Braun that he killed a woman and that he is her father.

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