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Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year to all CSI fans this Christmas (hope you get what you wanted!)

|Dec 22|
-Some CSI parody lyrics by babydoll added.
|Dec 20|
-Congrats to Billy Petersen on nabbing a TV Guide Viewer's Choice award for Favorite Dramatic Actor! Jorja Fox presented her co-star the award tonight on ABC's "TV Guide: Greatest Moments 2004." You may view the segment here. Thanks to
|Dec 19|
-Curious who's missed the most episodes? Do you know who has worked together the most? Can you guess who's worked solo the most? Check out our season 1-4 statistics in the Trivia section to find out!
|Dec 17|
-Check out our new Quizzes page, featuring our own episode quiz!
|Dec 14|
-New season 5 episode added to episode guide.
|Dec 13|
-As you watch the Golden Globes on January 16, don't expect to see any of the cast or crew of CSI. story
|Dec 11|
-CSI star celebrates a birthday today.
|Dec 9|
-Our rating for "No Humans Involved" added.
-Season 5 screencaps and quotes should be up-to-date within the next week.
|Dec 3|
-Information on "Stacking Dolls" added to episode guide.
|Dec 2|
-New poll added. Old poll final results archived.
-Episode guide updated with episode #513 "Stacking Dolls." Please note that #513 was previously titled "Boiler Room." It appears as though there has been some mixing around of episodes and the episode previously thought to be #513 will be scheduled for a later time. No information yet on whether "Boiler Room" will remain as titled.
|Dec 1|
-Eric Szmanda (Greg) will appear on The Early Show tomorrow morning (Thursday, Dec 2) on CBS. Check your local listings for times.
-Updates archived.


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