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 .:Sept 22:.
~I've finally found time to update the site for the new season. The Season 7 Episode Guide has now been added.
~In case you were wondering, CSI premiered with 22.6 million viewers. It was 2nd in its time slot and for the night, getting beat out by the premiere of Grey's Anatomy (25.4 million).
.:June 20:.
~Season 6 Quotes pages updated. We only have quotes from the premiere and the finale, so start submitting!! ;)
~New quiz added.
.:June 8:.
~New quiz added.
~I've received many quote submissions, as well. Those will be added sometime before the end of the month. (Yeah, that's seriously what my schedule has come to!) I'm also looking to update the site and design (and possibly find a new host) so that more features will be available--and it will look prettier! :)
.:Apr 3:.
~A few updates made to the episode guide. I hope to make some more updates to the site this weekend.
.:Mar 3:.
~Episode guide updated.
~Note: March has begun and, thus, "March Madness." There will be a new episode next Thursday (3/9), though I do not expect there to be another new one until the last week of March or the first week of April, since CBS is the basketball network and games are usually aired on Thursday.
.:Feb 17:.
~Details added for the next new episode, Up in Smoke.
.:Feb 13:.
~New music video added.
.:Jan 26:.
~New poll started. Thanks to readingkoala for the suggestion!
.:Jan 18:.
~Marg Helgenberger is on the cover of the newest TV Guide. Find the pictures and article here.
~First off, Happy Birthday Cary Grant! (He'd be 102 today!)
.:Jan 11:.
~Congrats to CSI on its FOURTH straight People's Choice win!! As long as they're on the air, the competition doesn't stand a chance!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!
~Happy Belated New Year to all!!
.:Nov 19:.
~Catch Eric Szmanda (Greg) in the CBS movie, Snow Wonder, this Sunday, November 20th @ 9/8 Central.
.:Nov 16:.
~A CSI star celebrates a birthday today!
.:Oct 24:.
~Gum Drops clip added to A/V Lab.
.:Oct 21:.
~Gum Drops screencaps now up. You may also request clips from the episode using our contact page.
~New poll added.
~Official details for 6x06 Secrets and Flies added. The new episode will air November 3.
.:Oct 16:.
~New avatars added.
.:Oct 7:.
~Official details for 6x05 Gum Drops added.
~Updates archived.
.:Sept 30:.
~Some episode guide updates.
.:Sept 29:.
~Read Insomniac's season 6 episode reviews, presented in blog format. Feel free to comment on the reviews or leave your own.
~We've gotten a few e-mails about this, so to control an overflow of more: The opening and closing song on tonight's episode, Room Service, is Mad World sung by Gary Jules. The song may sound familiar to WaT fans (it played at the end of one episode) or those who have viewed the music video to the same song found on this site.
.:Sept 28:.
~In CSI News: CSI: Still King! - CSI remains TV's most popular show.
.:Sept 24:.
~Bodies in Motion quotes added. Also, send in your suggestions.
~Season premiere clips are gradually being added...check back often. You may submit your requests for clips from the season premiere via our contact form.
~Bodies in Motion screencaps added. Quotes and clips coming very soon.
.:Sept 23:.
~Official Bite Me details updated.
.:Sept 17:.
~New GSR music video added.
.:Sept 16:.
~Official details for 6x02, Room Service updated.
.:Sept 14:.
~No CSI this week due to President Bush's speech Thursday at 9/8C. CBS will air Grave Danger next Wednesday at 9/8C for two hours, delaying CSI: New York's premiere one week.
.:Sept 10:.
~New streaming video added to the home page! We'll be playing a different music video every week! Just scroll down and press PLAY to watch!
.:Sept 9:.
~Guest cast for Bodies in Motion added.
~2 new polls started.
~Official TVGuide details for Season 6 premiere updated.
.:Sept 6:.
~2 new music vids by Babydoll added.
.:Sept 5:.
~Official details for Season 6 premiere added.
.:Sept 2:.
~Info for episode 6x05, Gum Drops, added to episode guide.
.:Sept 1:.
~3 articles added to Publicity.
~Updates archived.
.:Aug 28:.
~Info for episode 6x04, Shooting Stars, added to episode guide.
.:Aug 27:.
~New avatar gallery added, per request of a visitor.
.:Aug 22:.
~Sorry for the long period of inactivity. I finally just found an off day to sit down and do some tweaking. For some reason, our megaupload links to our Grave Danger clips have expired, and therefore I've removed the page. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience. We'll see about getting some of those back up. I've also removed the "Media Suggestions/Requests" form from the A/V Lab page due to abuse (pushing the submit button more than once!) and due to the fact that we've received many of the same requests and are unable to meet demands so quickly. If you would like to request a clip, you may still do so through our Contact Us page, just do not expect us to take action anytime in the near future, although we will provide what we have.
.:Aug 6:.
~Details for first 2 eps of Season 6 added to episode guide.
~Updates archived.
.:Jun 17:.
~New poll started.
.:Jun 15:.
~New music video added.
.:Jun 13:.
~Reviews added for Weeping Willows, Iced, and Grave Danger.
.:Jun 7:.
~New poll started.
.:Jun 6:.
~New Sara/Greg banner added.
~Pictures on Character Bios updated.
.:Jun 1:.
~Theme song .wav file added to audio.
~New Grave Danger clip added.
~Updates archived. 
.:May 27:.
~Grave Danger clips now available for downloading. Most are pretty good quality. If you want anything else, fill out this form.
.:May 26:.
~New poll started.
.:May 23:.
~New Challenges forum added! This new Night Shift Forum will be strictly for our hosted CSI art challenges. OUR FIRST CHALLENGE HAS BEGUN!! Please register if you would like to participate in any challenge and you must read the stated rules before posting ANYTHING! Site best viewed with Firefox.
~NEW! Free4all links page added (still Related Links/Resources) for easy visitor additions to links! Check it out.
~New music video added. It's an episode vid for Grave Danger, so beware of major spoilers for those who haven't seen it. But as soon as you do see the episode, I highly reccommend watching the video.
.:May 22:.
~Grave Danger screencaps added to episode guide.
.:May 19:.
~New poll started.
~Guest cast info for Grave Danger updated.
~Apologies for the lack of updates. Just haven't felt up to working on the site lately. But we're planning some events here to keep our minds off of CSI withdrawl over the next 4 months or so.
.:May 12:.
~In CSI News: Tarantino "like[s] the story too much" to leave us hanging!
.:May 6:.
~Details for the season finale, Grave Danger, added. Read at your own risk.
.:May 5:.
~New poll started.
.:May 2:.
~Committed clips added to visual.
.:Apr 29:.
Happy birthday to me!!!
~Details for Iced added to episode guide.
~New poll started.
~This weekend, I will be compiling clips from the latest episode, Committed. I need to know what scenes you all would like me to upload. Since the episode was mostly Grissom/Sara, all the clips will likely be in one "package." To request your favorite clip from Committed, please fill out the form on our A/V lab page.
.:Apr 28:.
~Details for next new episode, Weeping Willows, now up.
~Review and rating for Committed posted.
~CBS is airing CSI an hour later than usual (10/9 Central) due to President Bush's press conference. This does not apply to Pacific Time Zone.
.:Apr 27:.
~New season 2 clip added to visual.
~New season 1 clip added to visual.
~New music video added.
.:Apr 26:.
~New features added! By clicking on "News" in the NavBar, you may add breaking CSI news stories as soon as you hear them! Just follow the instructions given on the blog page. Also, babydoll's spoilers will now be presented in blog format. She will have those up in the very near future.
~New music video added.
~Season 5 Reviews now added to episode guide. Note: These are in a blog format. You may also comment on the reviews or add your own thought on each episode. Comments post immediately, but will be constantly moderated.
~In CSI News: CSI finale Grave Danger to be two hours long! Read More (Caution: Spoilers!)
.:Apr 24:.
.:Apr 22:.
~Details for Weeping Willows updated.
~New poll started.
.:Apr 20:.
~2 clips (1 clip + a 3-clip package) from 4x4 added to visual.
.:Apr 16:.
~Guest cast added for Hollywood Brass.
~New season 3 clip added to visual.
~New season 2 clip added to visual.
.:Apr 15:.
~Details for Committed updated.
~Promo for Hollywood Brass added (see below).
~New poll started.
.:Apr 13:.
~Hey guys. Due to some recent water damage leaving an awful mildew-y stench in my room (where my computer is), new clips probably won't be retrieved and posted until next week. Therefore, on the Received Media Requests page, when it says in production, don't expect the clip immediately. All that means is that I have the episode. Thanks for your patience.
.:Apr 11:.
~Guest cast added for 4x4.
.:Apr 8:.
~New episode title added to season 5 episode guide. Remember, all information in the episode guides is tentative until the episode has aired.
~Promo for 4x4 added (see below). *Requires RealPlayer.
~Episode Guide updated. *Order changed and dates updated.* Plus, details for Hollywood Brass updated.
~New season 5 clip added to visual.
.:Apr 6:.
~Two more season 1 clips added to visual.
.:Apr 5:.
~Two season 1 clips added to visual.
.:Apr 3:.
~New season 2 clip added to visual.
.:Apr 2:.
~New CSI Parody added, thanks to request by firefly13.
.:Mar 31:.
~Details for the next new episode, 4x4, updated.
~New poll started.
.:Mar 30:.
~Season 3 clip added to visual.
.:Mar 29:.
~Received Requests page updated. We apologize for the time it took to post some of these. We recently re-organized our inbox and did not notice them until just recently.
~Numerous quotes added to seasons 1 and 2.

.:Mar 28:.
~Episode #523, the season finale, is entitled Grave Danger and the air date has been posted. However, due to our not wanting to be spoiled, we will not post any information on the episode until the week it airs.
~Guest cast for "Spark of Life" updated.
~Season 3 clip added to visual.
.:Mar 27:.
~Air dates for Upcoming New Episodes updated.
.:Mar 25:.
~Promo for "Spark of Life" added (see below in Recent Episodes). You will need Real Player to view it.
~New quiz link added to Quizzes. (Note: It is a site with CSI quizzes.)
~Updates archived.
.:Mar 24:.
~New music video added (upon visitor request).
.:Mar 22:.
~You may now check the status of your media requests! If we have received your suggestion for a media clip or music video to be added to our site, we will post it here.
~Episode #522, "Weeping Willows" added to episode guide.
.:Mar 21:.
~New clip added to Visual. Plus, 3 clips from "Nesting Dolls" updated.
.:Mar 20:.
~New Contests page added. Check it out for all new CSI contests and challenges.
.:Mar 19:.
~New submission/request form added in the a/v lab. Please send all requests and submissions of media files through there.
.:Mar 18:.
~In CSI News: CSI's official site on CBS has been given a major makeover! Check it out!
NOTICE: All but a few clips and music videos are downloadable again. Sorry, again, for the inconvenience.
Talk Show Alert!
Marg Helgenberger will be on The Tony Danza Show today. Check your local listings for times. (Not sure if this is a repeat or not. Sorry for the short notice.)
~Spark of Life details updated.
~New poll started.
.:Mar 17:.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
NOTICE: We are currently experiencing major problems with our music videos and visual sections. Many of the vids and clips (just the .zip files) are unavailable at the moment (however, all season 5 clips are still downloadable.). We are working to fix this matter and will have the files up and running again shortly. Thank you for your patience.
.:Mar 15:.
~Episode #521, "Hollywood Brass" added to episode guide.
~New quick-access e-mail forms added to poll, quotes, links, and contact us pages.
.:Mar 11:.
~On the 17th and the 24th of March, CSI will be pre-empted for basketball games. New episodes will begin again on March 31, starting with Spark of Life. In the meantime you may catch a rerun of No More Bets on Wednesday, March 23.
.:Mar 10:.
~You may now leave us comments in our screencap albums!
~Clip from "Who Shot Sherlock?" added to Visual.
~No CSI at all next Thursday. It will be pre-empted for a basketball game. Stay tuned to our site to see when the next new episode will air.
~New poll added.
.:Mar 9:.
~New site added to related links.
~New episode, #520 "Committed," added to episode guide.
.:Mar 7:.
~SpeakSpeak.org is fighting against the complaint made to the FCC by the Parents Television Council in regards to CSI's February 7th episode, "King Baby." The site asks that all CSI fans participate in the campaign by e-mailing the FCC a full-form letter in support of the show. See site for details.
~Publicity link added to navigation. Here you'll find pictures and articles of CSI in the news. (It is simply a photo album.) Right now it only contains the February 27 TVGuide article. More will be added soon, though.
.:Mar 3:.
~New poll started.
~Firestarter details updated.
~New fanfic contest added (see contests page).
.:Mar 1:.
~"Compulsion" guest cast updated.
~"Big Middle" screencaps added (see episode guide).
~CSI star celebrates a birthday today.
~Updates archived
|Feb 23|
~Guest cast for "Big Middle" added.
|Feb 22|
~CSI will be profiled tonight on Entertainment Tonight in regards to their new episode Thursday, "Big Middle." Check local listings for times.
|Feb 21|
~Full Synopsis for "Snakes" added. (access thru episode guide)
~Season 5 episode guide updated with viewership for each episode.
~CSI star celebrates birthday today.
|Feb 20|
~"King Baby" clip added. If there are any other clips you would like to see from "Ch-Ch-Changes" to now, feel free to send us an e-mail.
~Season 3 episode guide completed with details from TV Guide (still working on guest stars for all seasons).
~If you happened to have missed CSI's Thanksgiving Day episode of "Mea Culpa," have no fear! The episode will be rerun Thursday, March 3. (Yes, it's already rerun time again!)
~"Big Middle" details updated again.
|Feb 19|
~In CSI News: "Before this show is over, some CSIs will have sex," says Carol Mendelsohn. Writers plan to focus more on characters' personal lives; including an office romance and Cath's mother showing up. Also, Paramount plans to release a special-edition Season 1 DVD box set packed with features not in the original release and the long-awaited deleted scene from the Pilot between Cath and Nick!! Read more here. You can also pick up the  February 27 edition of TV Guide (with Marg, Gary, and George on the cover) on newstands (the original source of the story).
|Feb 18|
~"King Baby" screencaps added (access thru season 5 episode guide).
~New poll started.
|Feb 17|
~Season 5 episode guide updated with "Big Middle" details and guest cast info for "King Baby."
|Feb 16|
~Watch the promo for "King Baby." (See below).
~New CSI contest coming soon! Stay informed at our site for your chance to win a brand new HD LCD Television!! More later!
~Full synopsis for "Who Shot Sherlock?" available thru season 5 episode guide. More like this to come. Thanks a billion to Shane for doing these for us!!
|Feb 15|
~Updates archived. (If you would still like to view CSI's sag win, you may access it through the archives page [see bottom of updates]. I will hopefully get around to adding a section for clips like this)
~Screencaps for Unbearable added (access thru episode guide).
~Happy belated Valentine's Day to all!!
|Feb 13|
~Another wallpaper added.
|Feb 12|
~New wallpaper added.
|Feb 11|
|Feb 10|
~New poll added.
~Information for next week's episode, "King Baby" updated.
|Feb 8|
~Guest cast info added for "Unbearable" in season 5 episode guide.
|Feb 7|
~Regarding the music heard on Thursday's Nesting Dolls: the song is called "What Becomes of Us" by a non-signed group, Cinephile. You may download the song on Overplay here. Thanks a million to Tracy for the information!

|Feb 6|
~New photos added to character bios page.

|Feb 5|
~Okay. Now that the cast has won their much-deserved award, as promised, for those of you who didn't get to see it, or would just like to see it again, you may view CSI's win here. (Please right click and save to your computer.) Should be much better quality now! No more blurry faces.
~The Screen Actors Guild Awards are on right now (started at 8/7C on cable network, TNT). Sorry for the short notice. The cast of CSI are in attendance, as they are nominated for Ensemble Cast in a Drama Series. Good luck to them. And I hope to have clips of their win (*crosses fingers*) after the show.
~"Nesting Dolls" screencaps added (access thru episode guide). A couple more quotes added for the episode, as well.
|Feb 4|
~"Nesting Dolls" quotes added.
~Site map added. Helpful for first-time visitors or those who are looking for something specific. Notice, you may also access the site map using the permanent link in the Welcome box.
~Okay! That took less time than I thought. Finally done with the clips! You can view 3 clips from "Nesting Dolls" in the a/v lab. (Careful-- those of you who have not seen the ep--one clip is a spoiler!!) These were the three clips I figured I'd get the most requests for, so there they are. Unless I have an astronomical amount of requests for some other specific clip, these are the only 3 that will be posted for the episode. Period. Enjoy!!
~I hope to have clips from last night's "Nesting Dolls" up by the end of the day...and maybe some screencaps. No promises on the screencaps just yet, though.
~Link added to Related links page.
|Feb 3|
~Season 5 episode guide updated. And next week, catch a rerun of "Formailities" at 8/7 Central before the all new ep, "Unbearable" at 9/8 Central.
~New poll added.
~Related Links page alphabetized. 2 more links added.
|Feb 1|
~Related Links page redone.
~Thursday, CBS will be airing a repeat episode of "Dead Ringer" at 8/7 Central before the new episode of "Nesting Dolls" at 9/8 Central.
~January updates archived
|Jan 30|
-Another site added to Related Links. Check out this CSI site.
|Jan 28|
-One new site added to Related Links. And fan page for Paul Guilfoyle added to cast bio.
|Jan 27|
-Nick tries out his spanish in "Snakes"--added to audio lab.
|Jan 26|
-Two new clips added to Visual. A clip from "Who Shot Sherlock?" and the long awaited GSR scene from "Snakes" (a special treat in video form since scenes like this we usually just make into audio clips).
-Babydoll has just added her very first music vid - can't fight this feeling, click here to check it out! Way to go babydoll!
|Jan 22|
-For all you antsy UK-ers (and perhaps thanks to our own babydoll's efforts), Channel 5 will begin airing season 5 of CSI on February 1 this year!
|Jan 20|
-New ep, #516, "Big Middle" added to episode guide. More details to be added later.
|Jan 19|
-New poll added.
|Jan 10|
-Surely this comes as no surprise to you all, but Marg and CSI took home the People's Choice Award in their respective categories. Congratulations to all!!

|Jan 8|
-Quotes and guest cast info added for "Who Shot Sherlock?"
-Updates archived.
|Jan 7|
-New ep added to episode guide.
-Details for next week's episode, "Snakes," updated.
|Jan 5, 2005|
-Just getting back from vacation, so this is my first chance to say: Happy New Year, all!!
|Dec 27|
-UK Mystery Solved - almost, and Sofia Curtis refuses to assist an autopsy added Here...
|Dec 23|
-CSI's newest, Louise Lombard (Sofia Curtis), recently revealed a startling fact to TV Guide. Then again, maybe "startling" isn't the right word...
|Dec 22|
-Some CSI parody lyrics by babydoll added.
|Dec 20|
-Congrats to Billy Petersen on nabbing a TV Guide Viewer's Choice award for Favorite Dramatic Actor! Jorja Fox presented her co-star the award tonight on ABC's "TV Guide: Greatest Moments 2004." You may view the segment here. Thanks to grissomsararomance.com.
|Dec 19|
-Curious who's missed the most episodes? Do you know who has worked together the most? Can you guess who's worked solo the most? Check out our season 1-4 statistics in the Trivia section to find out!
|Dec 17|
-Check out our new Quizzes page, featuring our own episode quiz!
|Dec 14|
-New season 5 episode added to episode guide.
|Dec 13|
-As you watch the Golden Globes on January 16, don't expect to see any of the cast or crew of CSI. story
|Dec 11|
-CSI star celebrates a birthday today.
|Dec 9|
-Our rating for "No Humans Involved" added.
-Season 5 screencaps and quotes should be up-to-date within the next week.
|Dec 3|
-Information on "Stacking Dolls" added to episode guide.
|Dec 2|
-New poll added. Old poll final results archived.
-Episode guide updated with episode #513 "Stacking Dolls." Please note that #513 was previously titled "Boiler Room." It appears as though there has been some mixing around of episodes and the episode previously thought to be #513 will be scheduled for a later time. No information yet on whether "Boiler Room" will remain as titled.
|Dec 1|
-Eric Szmanda (Greg) will appear on The Early Show tomorrow morning (Thursday, Dec 2) on CBS. Check your local listings for times.
-Updates archived.
Nov 30 - Season 5 episode guide updated with rerun dates for 3 episodes during the month of December.
Nov 30 - Due to computer problems (yet again. surprise, surprise!!), updates will be slow. I trust babydoll will be updating her latest spoilers section and I will add to the episode guide as often as I can. Screencaps, on the other hand, will come even more slowly since final exams are just around the corner and due to pc problems. You may, however, expect screencaps for all recent episodes come mid-December (the end of the year at the latest).
Nov 27 - Seasons 1-4 episode guides revamped.
Nov 26 - "No Humans Involved" details updated. The episode will air in two weeks.
Nov 25 - In the wake of the new format changes on CSI, we are reformating our layout a bit. You may notice changes in cast bios, music videos, visual, and season 5 episode guide sections. *Note: All episode guides will eventually be done up like season 5.* Quotes added for "Formalities." 
Nov 25 - Happy Thanksgiving (USA)! New poll started.
More gossip: Billy Petersen's possible departure. *UPDATE!*
Nov 23 - Character Bios finally completed! Trivia section also updated. New section added! Check out Babydoll's Newest Spoilers for the latest detailed gossip on upcoming episodes!
Nov 22 - Episode guide updated with information on episode #513, "Boiler Room."

Nov 20 - New poll started.
Nov 17 - Happy b-day to co-webmistress here, babydoll! Episode guide updated with details on episode #512, "Snakes." Warning: Episodes from here on might be a little "depressing" as the writers are making major format changes to the show as a whole!
Nov 16 - CSI star celebrates a birthday today.
Nov 15 - Pictures from CSI's 100th Episode party can be viewed at Getty Images' website here. I will try to post some without the watermarks in the near future.
Nov 15 - Episode guide updated with details on episode #511, "Who Shot Sherlock Holmes?" And NO, this will NOT be the London ep, sorry folks! The episode is likely to air outside of November sweeps.
Nov 14 - Okay, the extended screencap album for "Formalities" has replaced the abbreviated one. More screencaps will also be made available to you in the weeks to come. I am still working on "What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?" caps, so I'm not promising any deadlines anymore...they're up when they're up! Enjoy...
Nov 13 - Abbreviated screencap album for "Formalities" added. Until I can get more server space, I cannot add all of my screencaps to the album, nor will I be able to post anymore screencaps without removing other albums. I have tried to clear up as much space as I can, but it just isn't enough. If you know of a helpful solution, please let us know!
Nov 12 - Episode guide updated.
Nov 10 - A clip from Swap Meet added to visual. What's Eating...? caps coming a little slower than planned. My movie maker is still not cooperating, but as soon as I can wrangle it, I'll get some caps up. If you'd like to see a specific clip from either ep, e-mail me. By the way, a Happy Birthday to Robert David Hall who plays Doc Robbins on CSI! His birthday was yesterday. 
Nov 8 - Okay, long overdue screencaps from Swap Meet finally added under the episode guide! And I made about 20 more than usual just because it took so long. (My special treat!) What's Eating Gil Grissom? caps will soon follow...and I mean soon.
Nov 6 - Semi-new poll started. (Recycled from a week ago.) Episode guide updated. Screencaps for Swap Meet are on the way!!!
Nov 4 - Due to my recent computer crash, many of my Windows programs have stopped working properly, making getting screencaps and clips a little more difficult. If I'm lucky, I'll have screencaps up by Friday morning, but more than likely I probably won't make any progress until Sunday. So sorry, but as soon as I get Swap Meet caps up, What's Eating Gil Grissom? caps will soon follow. I apologize for any false hope I have set upon you. 
Nov 3 - First of all, in American politics: Congrats to President Bush and all his supporters on another four years! (Kudos to Kerry for not making this thing longer than it has to be!) Anyway, quotes from "Swap Meet" started. Screencaps coming along a little slower than I'd hoped, but hopefully they will be up by the end of the day (my time). Episode guide also updated with new information on episode #510, "No Humans Involved." Speculate no more!!!
Nov 2 - All you Americans, make sure you get out and vote today! Screencaps and quotes for Swap Meet will be up within the next 24 hours. Last month's updates archived.
Oct 31 - Happy Halloween!!! New poll started with results from the last one archived. The previous poll will probably be started again in a week or so as we near the respective episode.
Oct 30 - Let your voice be heard!! CSI must win the award that really counts!! VOTE NOW for CSI and Marg Helgenberger for a People's Choice Award! This year it really is up to the "people"!!! *Note: You need not vote in every single category...you may skip directly to television.*
Oct 29 - After my week-long absence due to a major computer failure, I finally have a pc to work with for now. Episode guide and review have been updated for "Swap Meet" with more to come on the next episode, "What's Eating Gil Grissom?". I might be able to get screencaps up for "Swap Meet," but probably not very soon. If I find a site with caps of all characters, however, I will inform you.
Oct 24 - New ongoing contest started! Each week, we will post a screencap below the updates box. We ask that you submit your humorous (or not) caption for the selected photo. It may be as off-the-wall as you like, but please keep it clean. At the end of the week, we will choose the most original submission and post it in our new "ScreenCaptions" gallery (soon to be added). Have fun! Just click the screencap below to send in your caption or e-mail us at
captions@csithenightshift.tk. New poll started.
Oct 23 - Screencaps and Quotes added for "Crow's Feet." E-mail me if you would like to see a specific clip from the episode.
Oct 22 - Details for "Crow's Feet" updated with review.
Oct 20 - If you would like a specific clip from "Harvest," please contact me within the next 5 days. After then I will be deleting it from my harddrive, as it is just taking up valuable space.
Oct 19 - As promised, screencaps for "Harvest" are now available under the episode guide as well as quotes from the episode (under Quotes).
Oct 18 - CBS has recently started "CSI Weekends," with two episodes each weekend starting from season 1. Check here for your local listings and for the schedule. 1 new music video added (see Featured Vids). "Harvest" screencaps should be up tomorrow (Tuesday).
Oct 16 - Episode guide updated with details of episode #509, "Mea Culpa" added. Quotes from "Down the Drain" added. See below to support The Nick Stokes Project.
Oct 15 - Episode guide updated. Entertainment Tonight will be profiling the CSI cast members back to their pre-CSI days on ET This Weekend. Check your local listings for times. (Usually airs on Saturday or Sunday evening.)
Oct 12 - New poll started. 'Down the Drain' screencaps up under the episode guide. OOPS! Almost forgot! Season 4 on DVD today!!!
Oct 11 - A 'major spoiler' clip from Down the Drain added to Visual. Screencaps coming pronto.
Oct 10 - Episode guide updated with dates and a review for 'Down the Drain.' Screencaps and "the clip" for 'Down the Drain' coming within the next 24 hours (hopefully!!).
Oct 9 - Season 4 on DVD this Tuesday for USA (and Canada?).
Oct 8 - Since no one feels like commenting on last night's show, a new poll is up. Newsletter sent today.
Oct 7 - Tonight, Entertainment Tonight will be profiling the women of CSI and talking with Jerry Bruckheimer (the show's executive producer). Don't miss that and the all new episode tonight! New poll up (rate tonight's show).
Oct 6 - Happy 4th Anniversary CSI!!! Join our brand new Site Ring!! Check out the Related Links page for more information.
Oct 5 - View the promo for "Down the Drain" here or in the episode guide.
Oct 4 - Details for Thursday's episode, "Down the Drain," updated.
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Oct 2 - The Cath/Nick hug from 'Boom' added to Visual. This is not a .zip file and can be viewed directly from the site. New poll up. We need poll ideas! Help us out.
Sep 30 - Two clips from 'Sex, Lies, and Larvae' added to Visual, Sara's mirror speech from 'Viva Las Vegas' and Grissom's 'Butterflied' speech added to Audio. September updates archived.
Sep 29 - Season 5 Quotes page started, including quotes from the premiere. 66 screencaps (of the whole cast) for "Viva Las Vegas" up under the episode guide. The 'extended preview' did not work out as I had planned, so the idea was nixed. However, if you would like to see a specific clip from the ep, you may request one by e-mailing us.
Sep 28 - "Behind the Scenes" page up under About the Show. 'Extended preview' plus screencaps of season 5 premiere, "Viva Las Vegas" up by the end of today, at the latest tomorrow!!!
Sep 27 - New poll question up. Screencaps from "Identity Crisis" added.
Sep 25 - Check your newsstands for Entertainment Weekly magazine. CSI is on the cover and the cast "tells all" inside!! I'll post the article and pictures as soon as I get my copy for you non-Americanners. For a sneak peak at the photo spread see photo below. No new CSI ep Thursday, but "Paper or Plastic?" will be on Wednesday before CSI: NY, which is scheduled for a new episode. Screencaps added for Crate 'n' Burial, Crash and Burn, and Bad Words. Check for screencaps to pop up from here on. You can get to screencaps from the episode guide.
Sep 24 - Ep #501 synopsis updated in detail. Good news: CSI premiere was great! LOVED the end! (No Sara didn't talk to Grissom). Bad news: Due to the Presidential Debate next week, CSI will not air on Thursday...however, I believe they had mentioned something about a "special night" on Wednesday. Not sure if it is a new one (it probably is) and I can't find any listing on it yet, but I will let you know as soon as I find out. They didn't show a trailer for the next ep, either, but Without a Trace is scheduled to next air in two weeks...
Sep 23 - 1 sig/banner added. CSI premiere tonight! Don't miss it!! CBS has opened the bidding for two tickets (for you and a guest) to the 100th CSI episode party in Los Angeles on November 13th. Beware, these are die-hard CSI fans we're talking about here! The bids may be irrational...yet rational for such a cause. The auction ends September 29.
Sep 21 - While this is not a CSI: Miami site in the slightest way, I must pay my respect to my favorite Miami CSI, Speed (may he rest in peace), and ask why did there have to be so much blood? Anyway, the best of luck to Rory Cochrane...may his legacy of Speed live on...
Sep 20 - New shorter domain: www.csithenightshift.tk.  TV Guide CSI promo added to the News section. Poll added. 1 sig added. Screencaps coming soon.
Sep 20 - Congrats to The Sopranos for the Emmy...the show's almost done anyway. CSI still has many more seasons to come and will likely get one before they, too, go off the air--if not the year they go off...there's always next year, and like we all say, the award that REALLY matters is the People's Choice, because WE know GOOD television! Check out our Emmy Review.
Sep 19 - Hope you like the new look--again! :P It will probably stay this way until we get the brand new site up and running. Check out the newly added Shipper Guide under About the Show. 
Sep 18 - Cast photos updated for season 5 in Cast Bios. New cast pic added under About the Show.
Sep 17 - Check out the "CSI Vid Project" section for more information of our masterpiece CSI vid in-the-making and to find out how you can contribute!
Sep 16 - Only ONE WEEK LEFT!!! Can't wait till the premiere!! Anyway, speaking of the new season, the episode guide has been updated with info on episodes #505 and #506. Enjoy! *URGENT* If any one has ANY CSI episodes or even clips on their pc, it would be greatly appreciated if you would Contact Us with whichever ones you have. Michelle and I are attempting to make a CSI vid and need a various amount of clips. In the near future, I will put up a list of needed clips. Trust me, once this vid is done, it will be so worth it and you will be happy to know you played a part in getting it done! I'll put up a "CSI Vid Project" page soon to clue you in a little bit.
Sep 14 - 2 new clips added to 'Visual.' If you would like to see a video clip or just hear a scene, please Contact Us and we'll do our best to comply to your requests. Please bear in mind we have limited resources. Visit our forums for any music video requests.
Sep 13 - CBS will be auctioning tickets to the 100th CSI episode party starting September 23rd. For more information go here. Also, don't forget to catch CSI weeknights at 7 and 8pm on Spike TV starting tonight. I guess after the success of the week-long marathon, they decided to make it back-to-back eps instead of just one. Tonight they'll start with "Pilot" and "Cool Change."
Sep 12 - 1 new music video added. Oh, and starting September 18 (Saturday) CBS is having "CSI weekends"!! You can catch CSI from the beginning every Saturday night at 10:30.
Sep 5 - Spike TV listings will no longer appear on the front page, as episodes will be airing on a daily basis and we do not have the time to update that frequently (sorry!). However, we will keep you updated with what season Spike TV is currently airing.
Sep 2 - Update on Spike TV--starting Monday, there will be a WEEK-LONG CSI marathon!! Don't miss it. It appears they are starting from the very beginning, and according to my sources will go all the way through Season 4's "Early Rollout." Check your local listings for exact times.
Aug 29 - Nothing particularly new on the site. Just an update on Spike TV's airing of CSI. Starting Monday, September 6 (Labor Day), Spike TV will kick off 5 CSI eps a week with an all-day CSI marathon. You can then catch the show Monday-Friday every week at 7pm/6pm EST/C. Enjoy!
Aug 24 - Per a request, 1 new clip added to Visual (Greg's confrontation with Grissom in 'Bloodlines').
Aug 23 - As we are currently in the process of moving the site to a new domain with an all new look, updates will come slowly--if at all. We will, however, update the upcoming episodes and episode guide for season 5. In the meantime, enjoy what's here. And you can contact us with any suggestions for our new site in "Contact Us."
Aug 20 - Episode guide updated with details on ep #504, "Crow's Feet."
Aug 18 - 1 audio clip added. ('Inside the Box' Speech)
Aug 15 - 1 wallpaper added.
Aug 14 - 1 new clip added to visual ('Bloodlines' scene) and all clips are now.zip files (instead of .rar files) for any who were having trouble downloading them.
Aug 13 - It's Friday the 13th!! AHHH!! Anyway, added tv listings for Spike TV (applies only to US and Canadian viewers. sorry). And those of you who get Spike, be sure to watch for CSI 5 nights a week starting NEXT MONTH!!
Aug 11 - 2 new clips added to 'Visual' under the A/V Lab.
Aug 10 - 'A/V Lab' created and music videos moved to there. 2 visual clips added. Episode guide updated with details on ep #503, "Harvest."
Aug 9 - Details for episode #502 updated under Episode Guide.
Aug 6 - 14 new vids added
Aug 5 - "Videos" section added and under construction. Videos will be added very shortly.
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